LLC «Beltekhnoresurs»

Is a member of the Moscow SRO "Waste Recycling Association" certificate Series 77 No. 00073 dated December 20, 2015. Specially registered in the Oryol State Inspection for Assay Supervision No. ЮЛ 3101802124 dated 03.02.2020.

License Series 031 No. 00079/П dated January 21, 2016.

Beltekhnoresurs LLC is a federal operator for the management of hazardous waste of II - IV hazard classes. Our partners are companies for the processing, recycling and disposal of waste from the North-West, Central, Volga and Southern Federal Districts.

We provide environmental support for enterprises:

• Ecological audit

• Preparation and reporting according to the category of enterprise;

• Preparation of the enterprise for inspection by state ecological supervision authorities;

• Monitoring and recommendations on the organization of industrial environmental control procedures implementations at the enterprise, and much more.

We carry out the development of technical documentation in accordance with applicable law and laboratory confirmation of production and consumption hazardous wastes certificates:

• Development and maintenance of WGDL projects;

• Development and maintenance of maximum permissible emissions projects;

• Development and maintenance of SPZ projects;

• Compilation of fees for NEI, and much more.

We purchase recyclables:

• HDPE (canister);

• LDPE (bags);

• Polypropylene (Big Bag bags);

• Used batteries;

• Spent industrial and motor oils;

• ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap

• Polyethylene film (covering sleeve).

We offer professional service and a full range of waste management services:

• Pneumatic tyre covers with metal cord, used

• Sand contaminated with oil or oil products;

• Wiping material contaminated with oil or oil products;

• Pneumatic tires for automobile tires, used;

• Spent oil and air filters, etc.

A full range of services for the decommissioning and disposal of various equipment and computer facilities:

• Disposal of industrial equipment;

• Disposal of office equipment (computers, monitors, printers, etc.);

• Disposal of household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.).

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