Environmental support of the enterprise

Environmental support of an enterprise is an opportunity to employ the services, professional skills and knowledge of a qualified specialist in this field, and entrust him your urgent environmental issues and problems.

What are the other benefits?

You don't need to create an extra workplace, hire an ecologist, pay salary with all deductions and bear the costs of improving your employee's qualifications.

You get a quality result without extra costs!

Environmental support can be full, partial, or you can request reporting support for the enterprise, depending on the category assigned.

Only you decide what is necessary for your enterprise!

What's included in the environmental support of the enterprise?

galochka4 Reporting support according to the enterprise category:

  • Statistical Reporting: 2 TP-Waste, 2 TP-Air, 2 TP-Water management, 4-LS, 4-OS;
  • Annual Reporting: Declaration of payment for NEI; report on the implementation of IEC; report on waste generation, use,
  • neutralization, dumping; sending data to the Regional Waste Cadastre.

galochka4 Conducting quarterly accounting of waste movement.

galochka4 On-site visit with a PIT (inspection) of waste storage sites for compliance with environmental legislation requirements, analysis of problems identified and providing recommendations.

galochka4 Advising on the conclusion of contracts for the removal / disposal / neutralization of waste, maintenance of vehicles and special equipment.

galochka4 Analysis of the enterprise and providing recommendations on the development of the necessary environmental documentation.

galochka4 Enterprise preparation for the state ecological supervision authorities inspection.

galochka4 Monitoring and organization of the implementation of activities prescribed in the projects: WGDLP, MPE, ADR, SPZ, IEC.

galochka4 Monitoring and providing recommendations on the organization of industrial environmental control procedures implementations at the enterprise.

galochka4 Development / consultation on the development of orders, instructions for the management of hazardous waste, the prevention / elimination of accidents, environmental protection plans at the enterprise and IEC projects.

galochka4 Consultations on the current environmental (ecological) legislation of the Russian Federation.

Project of waste generation standards and limits for their disposal

The WGDL project provides the rationale for annual standards for the generation of specific types of waste based on waste generation standards. Annual ratios are presented in tons per year (t/year). The annual standard for waste generation is determined on the basis of the standard for waste generation or, as it is often called, limits for hazardous waste. As a result of their activities, companies and enterprises generating production and consumption wastes are required to pay a fee for negative environmental impact, in accordance with the established procedure.

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Emission limits project

The MPE project is a project of standards for maximum permissible emissions, the main task of which is to establish environmental standards, it's the main document assessing the degree of negative impact of harmful substances emissions into the atmosphere. The MPE project is based on the concept of maximum permissible emissions.

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Sanitary Protection Project

The sanitary protection zone (SPZ) separates the territory of the industrial site from residential development, landscape and recreation zone, recreation zone, resort with the obligatory marking of the borders with special information signs.

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Hazardous Waste certificate

A hazardous waste certificate is a document certifying that the waste belongs to the corresponding waste type and hazard class, containing information about its composition.

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